About travelhackingtool.com

Travelhackingtool is a set of API endpoints, which allows querying for accurate information about IATA airports, airlines, airplanes and countries. It even comes with powerful features such as searching for airports at a particular distance.

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Meet travelhackingtool.com

travelhackingtool.com is an extensive collection of aviation data, with the goal to enable anybody to start their own travel projects. To kickstart efforts, all of our data is accessible through a convenient and easy to use API.

IATA Airports

Our database contains extensive information such as locations from over 10000 IATA airports.


Our database has a full list of all countries with their 2 letters ISO Codes.


Our database has a full list of all IATA airlines. It currently holds over 1000 entries.


Our database contains over 600 different aircraft types.


Our database has a collection of over 40000 verified airline routes.

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Access thousands of airports, airlines and airplanes details through our REST API.

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